Dormitorio Altea. Sims 4 Custom Content.

Hoy traigo un dormitorio para la casa más moderna que estoy diseñando ahora, viene en tres versiones de color y espero que os guste!

Las cortinas son de:

Los adornos son de:

Pronto vuelvo con más cosas, pasadlo bien con vuestros Sims!


  1. Thank you for sharing fabulous work. however it seems only i cannot find how to download. I tried with several browsers without adblock but still cannot see any indication. Could you kindly let me know how to do please?

    1. some people, anyway do not know why this happens because I leave the direct link, so you put it in the bar your browser and you can access the download ....!Sl4XET6Y!zcTNpgXb1jJDOVykWc6Oa3ST9OLw1V8oW5Z713klA1o

    2. Thanks so much for your kindness and talent! It's really gorgeous.

  2. Adoro tudo que fazes, teu trabalho é maravilhoso!!! Obrigada pro compartilhar conosco!!!


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