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Hoy vengo con un dormitorio que me gusta mucho, mucho, yo creo que es de los que más me gustan de todos los que he hecho. Es moderno y claro, estilo nórdico y las cristaleras y las puertas son sólo decorativas, así se quedan como nosotros las pongamos. 

Espero que os guste!


Today I come with a bedroom that I like very, very much, I think it's one of the ones I like the most of all the ones I've done. It is modern and clear, Nordic style and the windows and doors are only decorative, so they stay as we put them.

I hope you like it!


Quiero agradecer a todos aquellos que os pasáis por aquí y os tomáis el trabajo de dejar un comentario, o hacer click en algún anuncio, porque eso me ayuda a seguir teniendo ilusión por esta blog.

Últimamente tengo muchísimas menos visitas, pero los pocos que sois me ayudáis mucho, de hecho, con muchas menos visitas me ha subido el número que click, por eso quiero daros las gracias. También quiero pedir disculpas por no poder contestaros siempre los comentarios,  para poder sobrevivir tengo que tener varios trabajos, lo cual me deja un tiempo muy reducido para dedicar a este maravilloso juego, y el tiempo que tengo lo gasto creando contenido, que es lo que más me gusta! Quería que lo supierais y reiteraros toda mi gratitud por valorar mi trabajo!!!



I want to thank all of you who stop by here and take the trouble to leave a comment, or click on an ad, because that helps me to continue having enthusiasm for this blog.

Lately I have much less visits, but the few of you help me a lot, in fact, with many fewer visits the number I clicked has risen, for that I want to thank you. I also want to apologize for not always being able to answer your comments, in order to survive I have to work several jobs, which leaves me with very little time to dedicate to this wonderful game, and the time I have is spent creating content, which is what I like it more! I wanted you to know and reiterate all my gratitude for appreciating my work!!!



Es todo por el momento, pero pronto vuelvo con más!!!

Disfrutad con vuestros Sims!!

It's all for the moment, but I'll be back soon with more!

Enjoy with your Sims !!


  1. This set is really beautiful and I love the colouring! Thank you sooo much (as for all of your creations)!

  2. Unfortunately, today I received an exception for the KarineBedroom_Cama bed. It would not place in world and then I received a report from Better Exceptions by TwistedMexi. I'm sure it is because of update but thought you should know. Thank you so much for your beautiful work! xo

    1. If you run the bed batch fix with sims4studio, it should take care of the issue.

  3. omg this is amazing, sooooo nice, as someone from scandinavia, sweden, i love this style being so popular now, making it so i can se my own style in the sims :D also, im trying to comment on everything i download to boost your site, i dont know if it helps that much but maybe a little :D love! <3<3

  4. Anónimo21:06

    You do nice work, I especially like your cribs. Sadly, at this room we don't see much, especially not from the bed. And is the bed fixed now? If not, it would be better, when you fix it.


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