Farmhouse Kitchen Set. The Sims 4 Custom Content.


Como lo prometido es deuda, hoy seguimos trayendo cositas para la cocina..., a mí este es uno de los sets que más me han gustado de todos los que he hecho, espero que a vosotros también!!!


As promised is a debt, today we continue to bring little things for the kitchen ..., to me this is one of the sets that I have liked the most of all the ones I have done, I hope you do too !!!


Today we bring a few things for the kitchen, it comes in various colors and with many pieces, next week if I have time I will share the second part, with many more elements.

I hope you like it!


Es todo por el momento, pero pronto vuelvo con más!!!

Disfrutad con vuestros Sims!!

It's all for the moment, but I'll be back soon with more!

Enjoy with your Sims !!


  1. Very cute set! I don't know spanish so I had to translate in order to just get the utelsil on the wall hehe. I didn't do a very good job I guess because I only got the items not the bar they are on. Haha. I will just get the whole set. Thank you!!

  2. es un set precioso me encanta muchísimas gracias!!!!

  3. so happy that you've changed your download! I've always in love with what you do and these little farmhouse set you've been doing are just FABULOUS!!!! So thanks again ;)

  4. Anónimo21:35

    Downloading this just to make a farmhouse now! <3


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